Friday, August 26, 2016

Dr. Kern Keynote

What is early childhood music therapy?
Does it help my child with disabilities?
What happens in a music therapy session?
What costs and time commitments are involved for this therapeutic service?
Is this for all children and families in our daycare center?

These are just a few questions families, educators, counselors, allied health professionals, administrators and policy makers worldwide may ask.

This keynote address answers these questions by spotlighting snapshots of music therapy practice from around the world.  Come and learn about:

  • Demographics from the imagine "color of us" series
  • Research-based benefits of early childhood music therapy
  • The therapeutic process in eluding individual and group sessions
  • Various service and reimbursement options, and
  • inclusion practice and collaboration

Participants will be encouraged to jot down their remaining questions for the Q&A Panel on Saturday afternoon.  Valuable resources such as exclusive articles, handouts, checklists or podcasts published in the imagine.magazine, will be cited.  Attendees can expect an interactive presentation including video and audio examples.

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Come join Dr. Petra Kern for the first of three keynotes at SGMT16- Early Childhood Music Therapy- Supporting Children and Families Worldwide at the Academia on September 3, 2016 from 0930 to 1030 hrs!

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Music Therapy in Early Intervention and SPED in Australia:  Looking backward and forward

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